Answers to some frequently asked questions~

1.  How much do you charge?  

The amount I charge varies depending on the type of event, time, date, location etc.  Please contact me for further details regarding pricing.  I'm always open to work with people who have a tight budget or special needs.


2.  What type of photography do you do?  

I specialize in portrait work and also do event coverage/work.  I do everything from weddings, parties, portraits, senior photos, couples shoots, cosplay, head shots,  and everything else in between.  Feel free to contact me with any photography needs you might have.


3.  Do you travel to ......

I live in broward so I shoot normally anywhere from homestead to west palm beach.  I can travel and work out of that range but would require any long distance travel to include hotel/airfare in the pricing. 


4.  I'm a beginner/new model and need a portfolio can you help?  

Yes!  I love working with new and upcoming models!  I have a lot of experience working with new models and am able to teach your the basics of modeling, making a portfolio, creating a website and getting yourself out there.


5.   How long will it take to get my photos?

Depending on what we agree on it could take as little as instant(shot on your memory card or you don't need editing and you brought a laptop) to a week if you need specialty prints.  I usually have a cd/images of your session  ready in 2-3 days depending on the project.


6.  I need prints of x-x size can your photos print them?

Yes!! The photos should be able to print 20 x 30 posters easily and can go much larger than that.  Contact me for further details.


7.  I need something done at a specific location can you shoot there?

Yes!  I have a portable studio so I can take my gear/lighting to anywhere you need the project to be shot at.